Client Testimonials                                                          

"Having worked for a women's magazine for several years in the past and being a beauty junkie, I have been to more spas and had more facials and massages than I can begin to quantify. Lara stands out as someone with a natural gift, healing hands and a soothing aura.  She really knows her stuff, uses lovely, hand blended oils and the results were amazing.  I went along with terrible tension and pain from a bad back and over worked muscles in my legs and shoulders.  I didn't even dare hope to feel better anytime soon, but right from the moment I arrived and had my feet soaked in warm, scented water, everything started to ease. Excellent experience and results!" Julia, Islington

"I have regular massage at Pomegranates. Lara has put together a programme of targeted treatments that have addressed various specific issues. I like the holistic approach she uses and the way she integrates different techniques. These sessions have had such a positive impact on my wellbeing. Thank you Lara!" Mark, Belgravia



"Going for a massage with Lara is a special experience. Be prepared to let go and go on a journey. Lara combines a relaxing, nurturing experience with a sublime dimension. One is invited to explore sensation at varying degrees of depth. A real blessing!" Igal, Covent Garden

 "I started doing yoga recently and have discovered just how much my body needs to recover. For me, going to Pomegranate Massage & Relaxation is the counter part for the yoga, always showing me the next level I need to aspire to. It is also a great way to just relax and feel on top of the world. I usually simply lose myself if the session and feel very good afterwards. Highly recommended."  Joshua, SW1

"This was just fantastic! I was given a warm genuine welcome when I arrived and a lovely foot bath which was just what I needed coming in from the cold! Lara then sat down with me to discuss my treatment which was great as it made it really personalised. The massage itself was so relaxing and I expecially liked the use of hot stones. Nothing felt rushed at all which I have often found to be the case with more generic salon massage treatments. Would highly recommend, Lara really knows what she is doing :)"

Amie, SW8